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About Darley Investments

Experts in Coffee of the finest quality

We are a Ugandan based family business established in the 1980’s that focus on sourcing quality green coffee across the country. Our strong networks, relationships and infrastructure in key coffee growing areas ensures the finest quality coffee is delivered on time to our customers at competitive prices.

Our coffee

We deal with coffees all across Uganda

Our Process


We source, finance, process and export high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee from all major coffee growing areas in Uganda.

Quality Control
Our team of experienced staff ensure all coffee purchased meets, quality standards before arriving at our processing facility in Kampala
Due to our strong relationships with major clearing and forwarding companies in Uganda, we identify the best partner for each shipment.


here are some of our latest projects

Washed Robusta Masaka

Washed Robusta Masaka

From our washing station in Kalungu, Masaka we work exclusively with selected groups of farmers and purchase cherries for our washed Robusta project. The coffee produced has a much cleaner cup and due to small volumes of production is in high demand from our customers globally.
Farmer Outreach Bukakata

Farmer Outreach Bukakata

From our base in Bukakata, Masaka we work closely with farmers assisting with training programs, farm inputs and loans to ensure they maintain quality and can increase their yields season over season. Investing in our farmers is a key focus for Darley.
Organic Robusta Farms

Organic Robusta Farms

Starting in early 2017 Darley with our sister company has embarked on developing our own organic robusta farms. Currently we have planted 20 acres with plans of planting over 300 acres within the next five years.