Sourcing High Quality Arabica and Robusta Coffee


We source, finance, process and export high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee from all major coffee growing areas in Uganda, with a key focus on small holder farmers. Ensuring our suppliers are paid immediately has allowed us to build a trusted relationships with farmers, co-operatives and farmer groups.

Our warehousing and storage facilities give us the added advantage of being able to buy coffee throughout the seasons ensuring we are able to deliver to our clients consistently throughout the year.

In 2017, with a select group of farmers in the Bukakata region we have launched ongoing training programs coupled with the financing of farming inputs to help increase yields and the quality of coffee grown. The project helps us increase income levels of our suppliers and helps us strenghthen our supply chain.

Our sister company, Lwanyaga Coffee Limited, has embarked on developing our own farms accross central Uganda. With a keen focus on growing organic, fair trade robustas we aim to be able to supply our customers with unique coffee’s from the region.

Our coffee

We deal with coffees all across Uganda